Exclusive Launch at Superdrug

Most of us waste a fortune on potions, lotions and anti-aging serums that promise to smooth away the wrinkles and make us look younger, only to realize that the results are disappointing. The simple truth is that skin care creams don’t have a significant effect as they don’t penetrate deep enough to generate a real physiological change.

The only way to make an enormous impact on our skin is to “repair” it from the inside. If you think about it for a second, you’ll realise that what we put inside our body shows on the outside. If you start eating more food than usual, you’ll soon gain weight, and the same principle can be applied to our skin. There is no weight loss cream that will help us lose weight, nor a skin care cream that will make us look younger.

Your skin is just a reflection of what’s happening in your body, so if you want to look younger you have to start working from the inside.

Unfortunately, as we age our body becomes less effective at extracting essential nutrients from the food we eat and that reflects on our skin as well. Therefore, our body needs to find an alternative source of key ingredients that can nourish our skin as we grow older.

With this thought in mind, Regime London was born. Their 2 newest products, Deluxe Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, which will be exclusively launched at Superdrug, will focus on the interior building blocks responsible for the outward health and appearance of the whole body.



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