MSM Benefits

MSM is organic sulfur naturally derived during rain cycle. It is found in our bodies and many unprocessed foods, but its effectiveness is quickly lost at high temperature (cooking). MSM has been praised for many health benefits, including:

1. Skin health

MSM is essential for collagen production, and its importance has been already explained in our previous blog. Wrinkles, sagging skin, cracked and dry skin are all side effects of insufficient collagen in our body. Together with Vitamin C, MSM is able to normalize collagen formation, build new and healthy tissues and improve skin health significantly.

2. Flexibility

MSM is responsible for improved joint flexibility, but it also helps produce flexible muscle tissue and skin. This results into improved overall flexibility due to created “juiciness” in the tissues.

3. Collagen and Keratin

Our body needs keratin and collagen to produce healthy hair and nails, and without MSM that would not be possible. The so called “beauty mineral” provides much needed sulfur for production of collagen and keratin, and even contributes to the thickness and strength of the hair and nails.

4. Detoxification

MSM has the ability to make our cells more permeable, allowing metabolic waste products and toxins to be easily moved out from the cells, while hydration and essential nutrients can be moved in. It is also called a calcium phosphate dissolver due to its ability to break up bad calcium responsible for some degenerative diseases.

5. Increasing energy

Digestion is the biggest energy requirement, representing around 70-80% of our daily energy expenditure. MSM is able to increase the absorption of nutrients and redirect cell's energy from toxins to activity and necessary healing. By doing this it will not only decrease the energy expenditure during digestion, but also increase cell’s energy that can be used for important functions.

4. Anti-inflammatory

Due to its ability to remove toxins and metabolic waste, MSM is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. Our cells are chronically inflamed and retain byproducts of metabolic processes which need to be removed. Our body needs sulfur for this job and that’s the reason we need adequate amount of MSN. Once the byproducts are removed, our cells can also dispose excess fluids that are stored as a buffer, which is a very effective and a natural reduction of unwanted weight.

MSM Alternative Sources

MSM importance for our skin and overall health is significant and we can’t “afford” not having it in adequate amounts in our body. Therefore, finding an alternative source of MSM would be a smart thing to do. Regime London Dermal Grandeur contains 1500mg of MSM in a single capsule that can help minimise the appearance of wrinkles and make us look young again.

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